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Today is the day I start creating my own website


Set up website basics

About me..

Add products to online shop




Sky - Lousy internet connection

Server errors

Brain fog/freeze

Okay, this is it, I have decided to take the plunge and set up my own eCommerce site.

I'm not the best writer in the world and I don't for a minute think anyone is going to read this. I will use this 'blog' as a way to journalize my journey into the great big online universe.

OK, too many distractions from the family. Will try and do something that does not take so much concentration and come back to it later......

Later... Disaster! Why did I not do this before? Just did a quick Google search yo see if it had managed to find my website yet. No website but I did find lots of recipes and a Facebook page. Apparently ‘Jumari’ is an entertainer on a ship.

(No internet connection) Computer crash, reboot and wait.

Back up and running Jumari@twitter also unavailable. Time to find a new name. I don’t think its too late. But what name? Jumari was made from just marie. Maybe that’s what I should stick with.

I came across panabee not only does it help with finding domain names, it also checks social networks.

PixelArt … No

JustMarie … No

DiamondPictures … No

DiamondPixelArt … Yes, but it isn’t specific for my other productsDiamondPixie … Yes. I really like this one. Not available on social media. Apparently no one else has DiamondDildo!

For $199 I could host a naming competition on squadhelp. If you are good at coming up with business/domain names, this could be a nice little earner.

Time out. Meltdown by G2

TrulyMarie … Available, but not on social media

TheBiggerPicture … No

CrystalArt … No

CrystalPics … No

CrystalPix … No

Crystalleto … Yes, but not social mediaI

I am really getting nowhere fast. Time to try some name generators

Wordlab This just generates random names with no input from the user required. If you find one you like just run it through Panabee to complete your checks.

Namesmith I really like this one, but after finding a name I liked it failed the Panacea checks

Crystalettos … Available on all platforms. I like it. Does it sound like a shoe shop though?

Cristaledo – crystalone – sumarie – humarie it enough to use

2 hours later…. I can’t find a single name I like so for the time being I will continue with the one I have.


Win a Diamond Picture

If you can come up with a domain name that has .co.uk, .com and all social network platforms available. I have to like it enough to use it.


#text #Diamondpaintings #crossstitch #paintingbynumbers #Mosaicart #Pixelart #competition

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