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How do people find the time?!

Already I have forgotten what number my text should be! Will just make it so I can see it for now. I know, my eyesight isn't that good!

Ok, I've had to step away from the website to concentrate on the actual business side of the business.

I have outgrown my surface pro and have had to try and fire up the laptop. Purchased new battery so it will hopefully run like new. If I remember correctly it was soooo slow, so I'm going to have to try and tidy it up. Last time I did that ended in a ctrl C and a reformat.

What follows is an experiment.

My next task is to add some products to my online shop and compose an about me page. Just remember, this is a work in progress from a complete novice.

Feel free to offer advise or just leave a comment.

That is if anyone ever finds this site. So far it seems I am the only who can find it!

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