Colourful Doberman

20cm x 25cm

Full Drill

Square Drill Tiles

This kit contains everything you need to complete the picture

(Frame not included)

Colourful Doberman 20*25

  • Guide 

    You build your picture onto the self-adhesive canvas, which is printed in full colour. Every square is individually colour coded and contains a symbol, you simply match the corresponding tile according to the key printed at the side of the picture. Therefore, you will know exactly which tile goes where.

    Self Adhesive Canvas

    Since the canvas is self-adhesive, it is recommended that you only pull back a small amount of the protective paper at any one time. This will prevent damage to the unused areas.  

    Drill Tiles (Diamonds)

    Each kit includes a generous supply of colour coded drill tiles 'diamonds' Just match them to the colour chart printed at the side of the picture. 

    Picker Pen

    A picker pen is also included in the kit. You simply dab the end of the pen in the low tack adhesive gum provided. This causes the tip of te pen to become just sticky enough to pick up your diamonds and allow you to place them on the canvas.

    Shaker Ridge Tray  

    The shaker ridge tray can be used to contain the diamonds whilst you are working with them. The ridges will line up your diamonds. Shake the tray gently and the ridges will flip your diamonds so that they are the right way up

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